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CouCou Cafe Pâtisserie
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CouCou is the sound of the cuckoo, and Coucou is used as friendly greeting in French. Just like CouCou Cafe Pâtisserie, this is what the owners want people feel: neighboring, friendly and no sense of distance. 

The owners of CouCou Cafe Pâtisserie, CHU, KAI-AN and LIN, CHENG-AN, have been dreaming of opening their own shop since childhood and waited for the dream to finally realized. 

CHU, KAI-AN worked as a deck officer for Evergreen Marine Corporation for three years. The pour over coffee made by the chief officer at work made him curious about coffee. In the monotonous shipping life, coffee became his only consolation. So CHU, KAI-AN gave up the high-salary and stable job and leave the sea. He invested in the coffee business resolutely and determinedly and knew LIN, CHENG-AN through serendipity.

For LIN, CHENG-AN, the interest of making desserts germinate in the college. She majored in Department of Visual Communication Design and taught herself to make desserts was a way to relieve the stress. This Initiated the idea of studying in France for her. She began an active planning and preparation: studying French, being a trainee in the pastry kitchen and passing English certification exam. After five years of hard work, she finally has her wish fulfilled.

LIN, CHENG-AN who loves fine food and traveling had traveled throughout Europe during her studying in France. All the wonderful flavors that she tasted during the trip have become the source of inspiration for her to design desserts. Every dessert in her café is praise profusely by the customers. “Such as ‘Tarte de Citron’, I use Lemon Bubble to make a waxing crescent on Lemon Tart, and imagine the acidity of lemon make the customers curve their eyebrows”, she says mischievously. Another dessert “Tarte de Banana de Chocolate” also shows her childlike innocence. She uses a multi-layered texture and combines the pop rocks and the dessert, so every bite in your mouth feeling like dancing.

Great desserts can’t without excellent coffees. All coffee beans are selected and roasted by KAI-AN and “The Rock Yirga Coffee” is his originality. He uses sparkling water to mix exclusive formula and Yirgacheffe coffee beans, and creates a refreshing new flavor. This coffee has become one of the hottest products in the café.

Are you still looking for professional French desserts and coffees? When you come to CouCou Cafe Pâtisserie, you will have the satisfaction for both at the same time. CouCou Cafe Pâtisserie is planning to use the produce from Chiayi to connect with the local. No matter you are tourists or local people who are away from home, you can all taste the unique savour of Chiayi.

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