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National Chiayi University Botanical Gardens
Natural ecosystem
12226 UpdatedDate:110-12-06

The semi-spherical greenhouse at the National Chiayi University Botanical Gardens shows plant communities that emphasize the image of native forests and streams. The surrounding landscape of the greenhouse includes a park with Taiwan’s important tree specimens, an area with the flora typical of Hengchun and Orchi Island, an aquatic eco-pool plant area and a xerophilous plant area.

Inside the greenhouse there is a waterfall-side plant area by what resembles a rock mountain. The waterfall that flows down from an eight-meter-high rock forms water vapor which provides the moisture needed for the growth of orchids and ferns on the rock wall, thus it can be said that the environment forms a natural eco-system.

In the area dedicated to Taiwanese flora, there are important and representative tree species. Among the gymnosperms there are a local cypress called Taiwania, five-leaf pine, Keteleeria, Taiwan Incense Cedar; the broad-leaved trees include Cinnamomum Kannehirae, Formosan Michelia, Taiwan Bonsai Beech and Hengchun Myrics Rubra.

The aquatic plant area is composed of two parts: an ecological pool and a net room. The ecological pool is mainly used to create a local native pond eco-system. In the net room, there are images of Taiwan's ponds and insectivorous plants; there are also special aquatic plants that are presented in water bowls.

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