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Holland Lake Park
Natural ecosystem
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Come Exercise! Holland Lake Park

The most commonly seen sight along the trails on the hills behind Holland Lake are people exercising. It is one of the favorite places for morning and evening exercise in the city. Three or four trails lead to the Holland Lake Park, but the locals preferred to take the small walking paths and climb up to the top of the small hills. From the high point, beautiful Holland Lake is right under your feet, and the picturesque lake and greenery form a masterpiece painted by the great nature.

When you visit Holland Lake Park, we suggest the "Manly Slope" on the largest trail. Though the slope is a bit steep and the trail is quite long, it will be an interesting challenge for sports lovers. Your fun and adventures will be most memorable. In the center of the trails are handrails and the woods by the side will shower you in a bath of phytocides. This is a wonderful place that has attracted numerous visitors.

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23°28'41.41200" N 120°29'23.78400" E
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