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GoodLuck coffee
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7829 UpdatedDate:110-12-07

Goodluck coffee is on a small alley of Nanxing Rd., it is a professional coffee shop known by the connoisseurs. If you look from the crossroad, it's hard to imagine that a unique cafe just hides behind a machinery shop.

When you walk in Goodluck Coffee, you will see all kinds of machinery that is modified by the owner LIN, PENG-WEI everywhere. The electric light switch was modified from the generator's instrument panel and the tableside lamp was made from Captain America’s shield. Comparing with the stacked wooden walls, tables and chairs, this is especially interesting. PENG-WEI said, the room of the café was his bedroom in teenage and right next to the machinery shop that owned by his father LIN, AN-TSAI. When he was young, he was influenced by his father and learned a handful of mechanical engineering, and then he studied interior design and architecture at school. Therefore, the process of remodeling the room into a café was done by him rolling the sleeves and sweating, and took him two years to complete.

After he graduated from school, he went back to Chiayi and became an engineer for coffee machines. He went to every café and maintained the coffee machines, and after three years he began to consider opening his own café. In Goodluck coffee, you can see the coffee machines on the store shelf, the coffee machine repair table next to the bar, and all kinds of wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers hanging heavily on the wall. All of these are like the modest gentlemen who don’t purse the illusory fame, but when PENG-WEI uses them, they will become the brave and agile heroes.

When I walk out the restroom of Goodluck coffee, on the wall I found a certificate of appreciation that was old and written in Japanese. I inquired this of PENG-WEI, and I found out that PENG-WEI’s grandfather LIN, WU-CHANG owned a saw shop during the Japanese ruled period and people called him “Saw Man Lin.” Before the steel and the concrete appeared in Taiwan, the saw shop had a lot of contributions to the society, so he was given a certificate of appreciation from the manufacturers. Being a saw craftsman, I imaged that the professionalism that LIN, WU-CHANG had for his job has passed down to his son and his grandson. The heritage of the three generations, and the exquisiteness, concentration and intentions for work are now firmly settled in every corner of the cafe.

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