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The street filled with willows in the childhood was gone.

The sound of laughter in Yimei Opera House and Yimei Cinema can only be recollected.  The countless memories are in the air of Chiayi the log town.在「垂楊路 866號」,我起了一個夢。

No. 866, Shuiyang Rd. made me dream.

The components blending Sakura (cherry blossoms), sacred cypress and tea mountains are used to link culture, landscapes, memories and locality.  Despite limitations on reuse of old buildings, we made it done in a green and innovative manner.  Old city with new perspectives: We help the public find the invisible beauty of Chiayi.  Local elements with new ideas: We expect to initiate the public concern rather than being favorable.  It is hard to work in Chiayi, but the local talents are hired as much as possible.

We manage to make your trip in Chiayi memorable by building a warm inn at the foot of Mt. Ali with the foregoing commitment, uncertainty, adherence, frustration and deliberation.

Interior design

Sakura (cherry blossoms) is the gaze of Mt. Ali.

Birds are the courier of the new season.

Tea tells the secret of mountains.

Art is the breath of the town.

The forestry town has a smile of log.

The slashes on the ground break boredom of flats. 

The log with varied looks intermingles in the space. 

The bulk side wall breathes. 

The cypress front counter mimics the sacred tree.

The veneer flooring is a skip.

The simplistic cherry blossoms behind the counter hidden at the corner of the lobby receive the visitors sincerely and hilariously.

The vivid furnishings resemble the natural reincarnation.  The statue of Pinghuang Hsiao is the elf guarding the forest.  There are monochromatic scenes of daily life in Chiayi consisting of wide flowers, tea scent, pure log, grass and woods.

Weiwei Huang, Director of Design


Restaurant / Ballroom

The restaurant with oriental and western breakfast buffet offers various options to revive your energy for your trip.  The cozy classic multifunctional ballroom fits the party of 2-25 tables.

Convention room

The equipment includes one projector, one projection wall, Wi-Fi and essential devices.  The capacity is up to 25 persons.  It fits the small business group.  It meets the demand for digital meetings of business travelers.

VIP lounge

The capacity of the separate box is up to 16 persons.  The private space fits fine reception.  It is the top option for private parties.  It fits small parties and birthday banquets.  The privileged services make you glad and proud as a host.


The latest xbox thermal sensory game console is available to family and friends for happy hours.

Business center

The business center offers PC, high-speed internet access and the printer with tea and water, journals and newspapers in the lounge for business travelers to work.


The full auto washing machine and drying machine keep you refreshed anytime in your trip.

Room type


Imported soundproof refrigerator



Cable TV channels

Imported furnishings

Negative ion hair dryer

Mineral water / tea bags / coffee

Free wideband internet access

International direct dials

Toilet and bathroom

Separate shower and bathtub

Separate shower room

Amenity kit

German VilleroyBoch bathroomware


The hotel is at Ciayi City downtown nearby Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store and Far Eastern Department Store.  Despite the busy varied lifestyles, the calm feel in the busy zone can be gained.  The train station and Chia-Le-Fu Night Market are accessible in 5 minutes.  The historical relics and monuments can be accessible in 10 minutes.  The demands for dining, shopping, lodging, accessing, education and recreation can be met totally.

 GPS: Latitude: 23゚ 28’22.8’’; Longitude: 120゚ 26’15.2’’

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23°28'23.22480" N 120°26'14.90640" E
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