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We run the business in pursuit of Creation, Warmth and Emotion.

A cutting-edge building with composed luxury and unchained passion is made with the aluminum grille in the copper tone , Japanese fair-faced concrete and rounded log.  This is a second-to-none hotel in Chiayi.

The exterior grille not only blocks the fierce sunshine in the west but also secures the sheer sight via extending the architectural line.  The composed touch of the interior finish in the copper tone is highlighted by light and shade changing through the giant French casement window in the lobby.  The natural lighting through the grille in the guestroom flatters the basic interior furnishings.

The hotel is accessible in downtown of West Dist., Chiayi City, 5-15 minutes by car to TRA and THSR Chiayi Station.  The scenic spots like Hinoki Village, Alishan and the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum in the neighborhood make us the best option for tourists or business travelers.

We expect to make the best and sweetest services available to the global visitors.  We are committed to the cozy prime services in addition to provision of the neat and calm space.  We manage to satisfy the visitors with the memorable lodging feel, make them leave the busy urban lifestyle behind and let them savor the sincere touching moment in life.


Orient Luxury hotel, No. 232, Siwei St., West Dist., Chiayi Ciy 60085

Booking: 05-2330000

URL: www.

 Facebook: Chianawind Orient Luxury Hotel

By car: 7 minutes by car after going down at Chiayi Interchange of Dr. Sun Yat-sen

By train: 5 minutes by car from TRA Chiayi Station

 By HSR: 15 minutes by car from THSR Chiayi Station

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