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Paris 6th Street
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Paris 6th Street is a grandma’s teenaged dream. HUANG, YING-CHEN has worked in automotive industry for more than 20 years.  When she was young, she was always dreaming about opening her own café. She has traveled a lot of countries, and she loved the relaxed, leisurely and comfortable pace of European most. With the longing for European, her grandchildren also love cookies and cake, she decided to open Paris 6th Street. Because of the love for her grandchildren, YING-CHEN resolutely decided to invest in the baking business that she felt unfamiliar but loved. She hoped that the loving parents can use a little bit of money to easily buy healthy and reassured homemade cookies and cake for their children.

Homemade cookies are the flagship product of the café. These cookies do not have any antiseptic and leavening agent. What the customers taste are not synthetic flavors but real fruits and real sugar. She wants customers to taste the sweetness grow from this land and let the next generation know what is the authentic flavor. She deeply worries that the kidney dialysis population of Taiwan has been getting younger and younger. At least at her insistence, she can give her mite to the health of the people. “Classic almond cookies” and “muscovado coffee cookies” are the popular products in the shop. “Classic almond cookies” is the traditional almond cookies with a twist. It keeps the texture the classic almond cookies while adding elements that modern young people love. In response to the health concept of the modern people, they introduce “muscovado coffee cookies” which are made of muscovado and coffee beans. It is convenient to carry and good for your health. We also recommend everyone to try.

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