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Fang Fang Yuan Cookies & Tea
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Can tea brick be customized? That’s right, you can customize the designs of tea brick or make the Chinese Zodiac tea bricks in Fang Fang Yuan Cookies & Tea. “Because if you want to use tea brick as a gift, you can easily choose the Chinese Zodiac of yourself or the gift-receiver.” The Owner HO, FEN-FANG is pretty proud of her ideas. ”Sometimes the tea brick is too delicate and beautiful, and the customers are even reluctant to drink it.”From what she said, you can understand that she is proud of the business, however, all these achievements do not drop from the sky.    

Many years ago a car accident took the life of HO, FEN-FANG’s husband, and made her livelihood in trouble. Under this circumstance she became in contact with tea that her husband loved so much, hence she worked at the tea shop and learned everything from the scratch. On one hand, this was to continue her husband's last wish, and on the other hand, to give herself an opportunity to make a comeback.    

何芬芳is very particular about traditional techniques, she insists on self-plucking tea, hand-stir-frying tea, and hand-roasting tea. She is committed to innovation, research and development, and in recent years, she has been promoting "coffee leaves" aggressively. Because HO, FEN-FANG pays attention to regimen and health care, she wants to let the public know and understand “coffee leaves” more. She speaks frankly with assurance, “Coffee leaves do not have caffeine, and the longer the brew time, the better the tea. It does not have any bitterness, and the most important thing is that it has the health function.”

Except for focusing on innovation, research and development, HO, FEN-FANG does her utmost in conveying Chiayi's imagery. Like the signature product of the shop, Tsou Tribe Mountain Doll Souvenir Gift Box, it uses the image of Tsou Tribe to make the exterior of gift box. The products in the gift box include tea bags, milk nougat candies, pineapple cakes and square cookies, and everything is a special local product of Chiayi. You do not only give out the gift, but you can also learn about local culture in Chiayi. 

Do you want to try some different refreshments? Come and visit Fang Fang Yuan Cookies & Tea!

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