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Shingjia Suspension Birdge
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Chiayi City’s Rainbow at Night- Shingjia Suspension Bridge

Shingjia Suspension Bridge means a bridge that passes by Chiayi City. In 2007, the renowned He Ming-De Charity Fund made a donation to build this suspension bridge, as a link between the Singan and Singcun Communities for school children as well as the residents.

Shingjia Suspension Bridge is characterized by a 3.1km-long bicycle lane shaded by Taiwan Golden Rain Tree. The south side of the bridge is a sports Park and a water park, there is a river dike eco-walk in the Singcun section, an eco-garden, and a religious woodcarving art at Cisiuan Temple. It is truly an eco-recreation zone is forming at the south side of Chiayi City.

For the development of tourism, Chiayi City Government installed neon lights on the bridge. When night falls, the suspension bridge sparkles like a long string of florescent pearls. The dazzling charm makes it a landmark of the city's blue belt.

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Shingjia Suspension Bridge is the No. 330 bridge donated by the He Ming-De Charity Fund (何明德行善團). It is by far the longest bridge built by the organization. All expenses of materials and manpower were funded solely by this charitable organization. Construction of this bridge lasted 10 months, which commenced on November 26, 2006 and completed on September 23, 2007. This suspension bridge stretches to 297 m in length, 33.2 m in height, and 1.65 m in width. It is a dual-suspension, tri-base bridge. To ensure safety and minimize swing in strong winds, steel beams and support boards were installed for a reinforcement, and the sides were designed with high and low handrails and steel frames for ease of use. To further stabilize the suspension bridge, leg-shaped centipede steel cables were installed at both sides under the bridge surface.

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23°27'25.56000" N 120°27'15.84000" E
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