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7621 UpdatedDate:110-12-07

At that time, CHEN, WEN-HSING who was nearly 35 years old worked at the food company. Embracing the dream to start his own business, he stepped into a food forest bogged down in crisis. Owing to without any baking experience, he consulted the predecessors and related teachers. After repeated failures and setbacks, it took him nearly five years to finally find a place in the food forest.

In order to highlight the differences and uniqueness of his own fried cookies, CHEN, WEN-HSING began to develop the “tourist market” fried cookies. He changed the shape and taste of traditional fried cookies and always thought about how to make all kinds of creative fried cookies. At the weekends, the stall is filled with their own products and they go directly to sightseeing spots and sell the cookies. As time went by, they become famous and other stall-keepers followed his footsteps doing the same thing, then he came to realize that he can do more with his creative fried cookies. So CHEN, WEN-HSING used his out-of-box imagination to make fried cookies, from the panda fried cookie that is for Yuan Zai at Taipei Zoo to the duckling fried cookie for the Rubber Duck sensation. Now they can provide customized fried cookies for manufacturers to order. Delicate molds can accurately mark out the QRcode. The customers can take out their phones and scan the fried cookies, and they can instantly connect to a specific homepage or Facebook.

JIAKUANCI Bakery does not only provide cute and customized fried cookies, CHEN, WEN-HSING also specially designs peach shaped fried cookies exclusively for Chiayi City. The inspiration comes from the shape of Chiayi City, because it looks like a peach and people used to call Chiayi City the peach city. This series of peach shape fried cookies was named the top 10 souvenirs of Chiayi City. In the following year, CHEN, WEN-HSING continued to introduce new products of this series. This time he printed the scenery of Chiayi City on the fried cookies, and the visitors can taste the beauty of sightseeing in Chiayi City. 

After the 10 long years in fried cookie making, CHEN, WEN-HSING’s journey in the food forest was once full of muddy and sinister. He knows that if he neglects something, he will be swallowed and without a trace in this area. Therefore, he encourages himself all the time to be innovated and dedicated. In the future, he will continue to uphold the original intention of starting business and make every effort to go all out and be flawless.

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