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Welcome to Chiayi

 To really get to know Chiayi, you need to come visit the city yourself,
 to truly learn about it.....

The old name of Chiayi City in the bygone days was Jhuluo, the city is over 300 years old and has a wealth of stories and legends. It is a city that has both culture and history, as well as natural sceneries, making it an attractive destination for leisure and entertainment!

About Chiayi

Dynasty and set up the Taiwan Prefecture and Jhuluo, Taiwan, and Fengshan Counties; Chiayi City was the c...


Sun-Shooting Tower

The One and Only in Taiwan- The Chiayi Tower, Unimaginable Even by Mythological HeroesChiayi Tower is one...


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A look at the heart of the characteristics of food, make your journey full harvest.

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