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Climax of the "Moonlight over Holland Lake" in Chiayi City

The enchanting "Moonlight over Holland Lake" is one of the Chiayi Eight Wonders. By the side of the Sansing Pergola, a fountain was built. The colorful water beams surge into the sky for as high as 50 meters, dressing Holland Lake into a dynamic beauty. 

Holland Lake, also know as the Southern Lake, is surrounded by hills, and the clear water reflects the visit of nature into an enchanting picture. When the moon projects its reflection fuzzily on the lake surface, the poetic atmosphere enchants the minds of the beholders-this is known as “Moonlight over Holland Lake”- one of the Eight Wonders of Chiayi. Along the lakeshore expressway, you will see the terrace tower standing tall on top of the hill; it is the best spot to take a snapshot of the beauty of Holland Lake.

Several trails lead to the rear hills of Holland Lake. Trees along the trails shower the walkers in phytocides, and the flat grounds have became the badminton courts and dance floors for morning exercises. Part of the trails is composed of steeper slopes, which are the challenge grounds for sports enthusiasts. The trails have become the best exercise, relaxation, and recreational grounds for city residents. 

To view the rich natural resources, the Chiayi Society of Wilderness set up observation stations at the rear hills of land, the City Woods, Taohuayuan, and Yuanlinji Cold-spring area. For years, members of the Society have guided nature lovers to visit the great wonders. They wish that, through in-depth observation and experience, getting close to the nature becomes a lifestyle, not just an ideal. They hope that people will become friends of the birds, insects, flowers, and trees, and learn to respect life from the wonders of the nature.

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