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Water Source Meter Room - Image

Water Source Meter Room

Classical Architecture-Water Source Meter RoomThe Water Source Meter Room is located opposite of the Agricultural Research Institute at Minquan Road, Chiayi City. This classical architecture was built in the Baroque style. Solid columns with simple gables, it is a rare architectural form in Chiayi City, and because of its uniqueness, this structure has been preserved till today. This structure was situated on a piece of land managed by the Bureau of Forestry, and the road nearby has never been expanded, so it was hidden behind trees and grass for many years. An expansion project of Minquan Road, which links Chungshan Park and Lantan Junior High School, unveiled the water meter room. Ever since, its unique style has made it an eye-catcher sight along the road.This structure was built by the provincial water company to house a water meter, which records the daily volume processed by the water processing plant. From its construction in the Japanese Colonial Period to today, this structure has stood for 85 years. As the system became obsolete, the meter has stopped operations for over 20 years.Established:Taisho 3 years (around 1914)

Tiger Bats and Shu Chieun - Image

Tiger Bats and Shu Chieun

Taiwan, Baseball, DreamsChiayi is the origins of Taiwan's baseball sport. In 1918, during the Japanese Colonial Period, the Chiayi City Baseball Stadium was completed. It was the best baseball stadium in the nation; in September 1998, renovation of the stadium was completed and the stadium was open again to the public. The stadium was designed to represent the Coliseum of Rome, with fantastic viewing angles from the circular, descending audience seats.At the left side of the gate are two bronze sculptures, "Seven Tigers of Jhuluo" and "Shaking Kosien", as well as a fountain, conveying the concept of baseball heritage and the spring of the never-ending stream of baseball history.Bronze Sculpture MinipediaSeven Tigers of Jhuluo BronzeIn 1968, Chiayi City won the championship of the National Peewee League Baseball Tournament. Enthusiastic sponsors from Taichung contributed funds and managed the team. In 1969, this team competed in the 23rd World Peewee League Baseball Tournament at Williamsport USA under the name of the Jinlong Youth Baseball Team. That year, the Jinlong Baseball Team took home the world championship and the nation fell into a craze of celebration. In 1970, the Chiayi City Youth Baseball Team won the national championship again and competed in the Far-Eastern Region Tournament under the name Qihu Youth Baseball Team (seven tigers). The team won the Far-Eastern Championship and entered as a representative to the world championship tournament. The whole island was swept into a craze for baseball. Shaking Koshien BronzeThe current National Chiayi University was the predecessor of the former National Chiayi Institute of Technology, which was originally the Tainan State Chiayi Institute of Agriculture or the Chiayi Institute.In 1931, the baseball team of the Chiayi Institute competed in a tournament in Japan’s Koshien Stadium and took home second-place from the Nippon National Middle School Baseball Championship. Ever since, Chiayi’s baseball team been known to the nation and their fame has endured. This bronze sculpture, entitled Shaking Koshien, denotes the history of baseball development in Taiwan opened by Chiayi’s baseball teams.

Natural Environment Shixian Road Biking Route - Image

Natural Environment Shixian Road Biking Route

Go Gold Bikes! Strolling Leisurely on the Shady Shixian RoadIn response to the enthusiastic advocacy of Chiayi City government, the city and the suburban areas are now filled with happy bikers on the holidays. Strolling leisurely on a bike path is now a fashion in Chiayi. The city government has planned biking routes along the wide and shady Jhongsiao and Shixian Road to accommodate safe and healthy activities.Shixian Road is a major road circling the outer city area. By the side of this 90 m-wide 8-lane road, thick trees have grown tall and shady. The biking routes are located right under the shades of the city woods. Just go forward and ignore the roaming cars outside; the bicycle route is safely partitioned from the busy traffic.Each section of the Shixian Road Biking Route is different and unique. You will pass through concrete surfaces and sometimes brick surfaces. If you want to take a break from biking, there are attentively designed bicycle parking zones by the roadside.Established:Project was 97 years starts on August 28, scheduled for 97 years for completion November 10

Jiayou Bicycle Trail - Image

Jiayou Bicycle Trail

The Joy of Biking is Heating Up; Come Join Us at the Jiayou Bicycle TrailThe Jiayou Bicycle Trail was converted from the old railway of China Petroleum Company. The trail starts from the side of the China Petroleum Company’s plant at Section 4, Shisian Road, Chiayi City, passes through Meiyuan, Guanglu, and Hunei Communities of Chiayi City, as well as Sanhe, Sialiao, and Hueiguei Village of Shueishang Township, and ends at the Astronomy Plaza of the Tropic of Cancer Station. The full length stretches to 3500m, was and is planned into a bike trail and a green walkway, adding a fun choice of the tourism resources of Chiayi City.The newly planned green trail is composed of two stretches of bicycle routes, which were converted from the spaces by the two sides of the original railway, Pergolas, wetland, ecological preservation areas, lotus ponds, medium and small arbors, and tall and short shrubs are integrated into the landscape. The entrance points at road intersections are decorated with flower corridors. It has become a multifunctional trail filled with rich ecological, natural, and tourism resources.Jiayou Bicycle Trail was part of the Chiayi Chemical Plant. Its unique historical background make it a rare cultural asset in the industrial history and a valuable resource for cultural tourism. Through careful planning, the Chiayi City Government gave the old railways new life. They are now filled with laughter when happy bikers cycle through and cheerful walkers casually stroll in the gentle wind. Through an open poll, the city residents named it the Jiayou Bicycle Trail. The trail weaves through the city, towns, and counties, offering cheerful sights and sounds and smiles of friendly people. Its charm is worth exploring with your friends and families.History Minipedia- Chiayi Chemical PlantThe Chiayi Chemical Plant was founded by the Taiwan Development Company in Showa 13 (1938). This chemical plant used dried sweet potato shoots to manufacture butyl alcohol, propyl alcohol, and ethanol (alcohol). It was the largest fermenting type butyl alcohol manufacture plant in the world at that time. In 1942, a railway linking to the main North-South Railway was built exclusively for this plant. Butyl alcohol can be used to manufacture isooctane, which can be used as a type of aviation fuel. During World War II, the Chiayi Chemical Plant became a secret fuel manufacture base for the Japanese Air Force. Solvents manufactured in this plant were transported via the plant railway to the North-South Railway, and then transferred to sea freight bound for Japan.Established:Showa period of Japanese rule for 13 years (de 1938)

Culture Center - Image

Culture Center

The Center of Chiayi City’s Cultural DevelopmentThe Chiayi City Cultural Center was officially opened on February 27 1993. Shisian Library, located in the West District of Chiayi City, is the West District Branch of Chiayi City Cultural Center, which was built under the city rezoning funds.The Cultural Center is composed of three buildings and a beautiful garden; the whole cultural park occupies an area of over 5000 pings (16529 m2). The underground level is the Chiayi City Koji Pottery Museum, and exhibition rooms are set up for various displays from the first floor to the fourth floor. The library is planned with a reading room, the audio and visual room, and an archive. The music hall is equipped with special seats and a capacity of 1113 audience seats, and the stage curtain was fabricated in silk with the painting of master artist Lin Yu-Shan (林玉山), entitled Water Lily Pond.The pond at the north side of the music hall was the timber pond used to store logs delivered by the Alishan Railway. Trees were planted during the Japanese Colonial Period, and they have now formed a small area of woods to shade the leisurely fishermen by the pond. “Fishing by the Cypress Pond” was one of the Eight Wonders of Jhuluo. Under the effort of city magistrate, Ms Zhang Bo-Ya, the pond was renovated to become a new recreational site while preserving the old memories of the timber pond.

Taiwan Cigarette & Wine Monopoly - Image

Taiwan Cigarette & Wine Monopoly

Characteristic ArchitectureThe monopoly business of Tobacco & Liquor began in 1900. The Japanese set up the Taiwan Bureau of Tobacco & Liquor, which was managed directly under the Governor. The Chiayi branch was established in 1924, and this structure was built in 1936. The Chiayi City branch managed the monopoly business in the Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan region. This structure stands as witness the history of tobacco and alcohol trade.This structure has rounded corners and recessed entrance. The simple design conveys a symmetrical and harmonious beauty. The majestic façade is finished in patterned bricks for aesthetics and octagonal pillars are found at the turning corners of the staircase leading from the second floor to the third floor. The checker-pattern air holes and the column decorations are highly characteristic.Established:1916