Chiayi Su-Chow-Lien Ancestral Temple

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Chiayi Su-Chow-Lien Ancestral Temple

Established:Established in Kuanghsu Year 22 (1896)

A Century Old Family Ancestral Shrine

This family ancestral shrine is the oldest surviving shrine in Chiayi City. It is the ancestral temple and reunion center of the Su clan in the Chiayi area. This century old family shrine denotes the regional history, and the annual rituals preserve the culture of ancestral worship and family unity. An idiom says, "The Su family makes up half of Chiayi City", and their descendents are closely connected to the commerce, politics, economy, and cultural development of Chiayi City. Among them, Mr. Su Xiao-De and Su Yu-Qi have left their names in history, as they served the city as the magistrates.

In advocacy of family unity, this family ancestral shrine was established in the beginning of the Japanese Colonial Period and developed into a joint ancestral temple for the Su-Chow-Lien clans. This temple enshrines 31 ancestral templates, including the tablets of Su and Chou ancestors and the Su family imperial conferment, as well as the special tablet of Hong Gong-Zu, who was honored as the lifesaver of a Su ancestor. This structure is an example of a shrine converted from a mansion. Built in the traditional Southern Fujian style, this structure is well preserved. This building of one-layer, five-section traditional structure was built without a single nail or brick. Woodcarving and painting on the lintel was intricately done and the wooden windows were designed with a special mechanism. The hallways, bracketed frame structure, and the barrels are suspended in balance by the arch-shaped square beam, and between the beam and cornice, two sets of brackets are designed. This is a very rare, highly advanced, and highly artistic design.

History Minipedia

. 1896, Su ancestors raised funds to purchase a house and converted it into today's Su Family Shrine.

. 1958, was reorganized into a joint shrine of the Chiayi Su-Chow-Lien Ancestral Temple .

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