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Hosanna Museum

Witnessing the Traces of Democracy

The Cultural Relic Museum exhibits art and cultural relics, while integrating into the overall architectural design. It houses the only puppet world sculpture museum in Asia.

The Cultural Relic Museum is designed with three stories of exhibition spaces, featuring art works of Taiwanese masters of the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic Era, including Ye Wang, Ke Xun, Hong Kun-Fu, Lin Tian-Mu, and Chen Zhuan-You. The first floor is themed upon the educational folk legends conveyed by Koji pottery figurines. The second floor features fairytales and folk legends, and the third floor features a full presentation of the development of pottery, from the Han Dynasty terracotta worriers to the contemporary Koji pottery.

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Address: Daya Rd, Chiayi City, Lane 30, Sec 285
Tel: 886-5-2743721
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