Night Market on Wen Hua Rd.

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Night Market on Wen Hua Rd.

Let's Go Shopping at the Night Market

The most popular and famous night market in Chiayi City would be the Night Market on Wen Hua Rd.

The South section of the Wen Hua road, divided by a Central Fountain, is a two-lane road during the day and pedestrian zone at night.

Every day after night falls, vendors offering the newest fashion and a variety of goods, as well as hawkers selling local delights, begin to emerge. In a blink of an eye, the two-lane road is turned into a hustling thoroughfare. Stores by the road and hawkers serving steaming hot gourmet snacks attract flocks of people every night.

The hawkers at Wen Hua road are very famous. No matter whether you are in the mood for northern or southern tastes, western or oriental styles, whatever you crave for, you will find instant gratification along the way. It is a place not to be missed if you are in the mood for a real treat.

Address: Between Chung Shan Rd. and Chui Yang Rd , Chiayi City
Tel: (05)229-4593
Business hours: at any time
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