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Kang Ping Sport Park

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Chiayi City Sports Park is also known as Gangping Sports Park because it is located right inside of the Gangping Community. It is a highly utilized sports facility, sitting on 85,000 m2 of land, with a capacity of 3200. After renovation, this park is now a sports complex with tennis courts, basketball courts, a football field, a skating range, and a playground, as well as the newly added extreme sports field, a car park for 120 cars, a cricket field, and a croquet field. The new extreme sports field features a standing platform, a slide platform, a slope, a half-circle slope, a stepped runway and a curved runway.

One of the major features of this sports park is its "extreme sports facility". In view of the growing popularity of rollerblading, former city magistrate, Chen Li-Zhen, specially directed the renovation team to take this sport into the planning. However, taking into consideration of the safety and generality issues, most of the facilities, including the sliding platform and curved runaway, were designed in the range of an average skill level. During construction, the city's personnel kept in constant contact with the construction team and the architect to ensure overall safety, so that the extreme sports facility would not end up becoming a professional race field for only elite players. All facilities ensure safety for players of all skill levels. Because of this attentiveness, Guangping Sports Park is now ranked as one of the best places in the nation for rollerblading.

Address: Chiayi Datong Road No.100
Tel: 05-2858473
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