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Start time : 2018-10-10    End time : 2018-10-31

The city mascot vote-taking activity in Chiayi City began on October 10, 2018. After the network and representatives of the bureaus of the city, plus three on-site activities, the task was scored by the cool frogs. The city mascot, the unsuccessful Tao Maji and the Guanle chicks, although they failed to become city representatives, still perform their duties. They will still see their cute figures in the food promotion and festivals.The voting activity was contested by 3 cute animals, Guanle Chicken, Cool Frog and Tao Maji. The voting will be held until October 31. During the voting period, in addition to the online voting in Chiayi City Tourism Network, in order to let the people The mascots of the mascots, the three mascots also went to the streets to pay for the tickets. They were in the cultural night market, the Jialefu night market and the Yisensen live village. They interacted with the audience and got a lot of votes. The bureaus of the Chiayi City Government sent representatives to overweight the three mascots, and finally won the championship by the Cool Frog.The cool frog is from the mascot of the "107 National National Games for Physical and Mental Disorders" held in Chiayi City. It is the representative of sports athletes. The shape is changeable. Swimming, track and field and cycling are his strengths. The organizer of the Tourism Information Office said that the future Cool frog will promote more sightseeing activities on behalf of Chiayi City, and make more exchanges with other countries or counties. We look forward to introducing the sightseeing spots and gourmet snacks of Chiayi City to more travelers and become the most popular mascot.The voting result of the Chiayi City mascot vote-winning activity was announced on the website of Chiayi City Tourism. The number of votes was statistically determined. The total score of Cool Frog was 190.25, the total score of Taomaji was 186.5, and the total score of Guanle Chicken was 112.25.

Start time : 2018-06-12    End time : 2018-11-30

Chiayi City’s Lantan Eco-tour and Water Resources Education Promotion EventApplication form1. This plan is for applications by visiting groups from domestic and international schools (primary school 5th grades to university students), with priority given to schools which is not from Chiayi City.※ The school self-administers or appoints the travel agency as the application unit.2. The plan can apply for transportation fare and personnel accommodation expenses. The qualifications are as follows:(1) Domestic school groups with more than 30 people; International school groups with more than people.(2) The itinerary must be included in the hotel accommodation in Chiayi City for at least one night. The tour must include Lantan Scenic Area. The other Nanxing Middle School Exploration Park and Chiayi Park need to be visited.(3) The same vehicle limit for the same group applies for 1 trip or transportation fare. The same person in the same group is required to apply for one-time accommodation fee.(4) Accommodation fees apply is only for teachers, students, administrative staff, and accompanying parents of limited groups. Travel agents and driving are not included.(5) The same group may apply for transportation and accommodation fees at the same time.3. The number of funds that this plan can apply for:Transportation fares - NT 3,000 for each vehicle of domestic school groups, and NT 5,000 for each vehicle of international visit groups;Accommodation costs - domestic organizations : NT 200 per person, international visiting groups: NT 500 per person.International groups are requested to attach a copy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' entry permit application.4. The number of organizations that accepted the application for the project:About 35 vehicles from domestic organizations are applying for transportation fees and 1,400 applications for accommodation fees;About 15 vehicles from international organizations apply for transportation and 500 people apply for accommodation.The above amount is adjusted depending on the actual application status.5. Opening application period of this event: From now until November 30, 2018, if the number of applications is completed before the deadline, the plan will be terminated after the public announcement.6. Application procedure:In accordance with the application in the Form 1, the schedule and the booking confirmation are attached to handle the appointment application.7. The way of verification:In accordance with the Form 2 (Check-Out Form), before December 10, 2018, a list of the insured people confirmed by the group, the confirmed itinerary, a group photo of the Lantan Scenic Spot (including the electronic version of the photo), and the original documents of transportation and accommodation were attached The original receipt, and provide the remittance account number of the school or travel agency, apply for verification work to the Department.Write-off information must be sent on December 10, 107, and will not be accepted after the time limit.8. Event Ad Cloth access: Please visit the Lantan Scenic Area and collect it from the Garrison Team of the National Chiayi University Lantan Campus (Xuefu Road, 7-11, near Yueyingtan Heart) and return it after the photo is taken. .9. Organizer: Chiayi City Government Tourism and Information Department10. Inquiries: Tel: 05-2294593, 05-2254321 ext. 686-688 Mr. Goa or Mr. ZhangEmail

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