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Nice Prince Hotel

Nice Prince Hotel Chiayi Taiwan the only hotel receiving the international five star hotel certification in Chiayi City and County equipped with the high standard management system and service quality from Prince Hotel Japan combining multifunctional capacities of business, leisure, recreation and shopping in one venue is a fancy facility that includes both the international benchmark and the local cultural features. Making 245 guestrooms in all types available, the hotel unveils the fine views of Chiayi downtown for the guests with the space that not only includes the Tsou tribe’s traditional totem skillfully in the furnishings for a cultural feel and and decorative enrichment but also meets the plural demands for business, tourism and vacation, soothing and releasing the mental, physical and spiritual stress.



The hotel opposite to Chiayi Train Station easily accessible in central Chiayi nearby downtown where there are Chiayi Train Station and Carnival Cinema on foot in one minute, specialty stores, fashion shops and Wenhua Rd. Night Market in the neighborhood letting the visitors enjoy the local cuisine, shopping and film appreciation.ServicesThe affordable price and sweet sincere services render a nice sleep setting to the visitor busy for a day finely.  It is a neat, fine, cozy and nice hotel with safe, cozy, refined and calm settings, air conditioned suites with deluxe equipment, low price and quality equipment and fine and leisure space, and sound interior planning.  This is a fine lodging option with basic cozy guestrooms, clean fine furnishings, sweet sincere services and affordable prices that matters the most.【By car】Dr. Sun Yat-sen Freeway (National Highway No. 1) and go down at Chiayi Interchange toward Chiayi City → Beigang Rd. and turn right to Yo-ai Rd. → Pass Chiahsiung Overpass and turn left at Linshen W. RD. → Drive in 5 minutesFormosa Freeway (National Highway No. 3) and go down at Chungpu (Zhongpu) Interchange toward Chiayi City → To Daiyi Rd. → Turn left at Mito Rd. till Shuiyang Rd. → Turn right at Xinmin Rd. and go straightforward and pass Mintzu Rd. 【By train】 Chiayi Train Station → Opposite to the front train station 







The motel in Chiayi City nearby Chiayi City Interchange offers the fancy settings and high accessibility.  The busy visitors can relax and take a break in the cozy fancy lodging setting with fine furnishings.The design of one suite with one garage secures the privacy and handiness.  The tall erecting palms blowing in the wind inviting you to dance along manage a thick leisure mood.Welcome to visit the motel.



The hotel is a lawful hotel in downtown with accessibility, affordable prices and sincere services for dating, resting and lodging.Dr. Sun Yat-sen Freeway (National Highway No. 1) → Go down at Chiayi Interchange → County Line 159 (Beigang Rd.) → Chungcheng Rd. → Wuzhou Hotel