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Casa Lounge Bar

When Chiayi falls into the embrace of the night and the evening lights are lit, the owner SHIH, I-CHEMAO)will open the door of Casa Lounge Bar on Daya Rd. The orange walls of the bar make this place a warm space and welcome any soul that needs a drink at night.

Before opening Casa Lounge Bar, MAO has worked for car repair service and automotive business for almost 10 years in other cities. Then he thought, there is nothing more important and valuable than the families at hometown, so he decided to come back to Chiayi. “At that time, the previous store of this shopfront was about to end business. I was thinking to buy the shopfront to invest business, but in the end, I became the boss.” MAO said with a laugh. In the first two years of opening the bar, due to heavy pressure, MAO only took three days off in the entire 2 years. Until the third year, the business gradually became stabilized and MAO took one day off every month. He would go to the bar in other cities and learned from their advantages. 

Casa Lounge Bar is one of the few bars that sell cocktails in Chiayi, so MAO thinks that to let the cocktails tell the story of Chiayi is the task he should accomplish. Using the tea provided by his tea farmer friend, his cocktail has the majestic flavor of Alishan. Using the pineapple produced locally, he increases the sour and sweet flavor of the cocktail. At the end of the bar, all kinds of colorful bottles of alcohols are waiting for 小毛to make the cocktails with the out-of-box imagination and become the incredible drinks. 

When Casa Lounge Bar is crowded with customers, the order for cocktails will near 80 cups a night. Every cup of cocktail is made and served up by MAO. Even when he is busy, he will not forget to observe the mood and needs of each customer. He hopes that every customer can find his own drink in this space. This orange bar on Daya Rd. does not only provide you hot drink in the cup, but also shines with the warmness & friendliness of the Chiayi people.

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Address: No.512, Sec. 2, Daya Rd., East Dist., Chiayi City 600, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: 0922-882-673
Business hours: Mon. ~ Sun.: 19:00–01:00
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