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Triangulo Gato Café

If you want to know a coffeephile, Joe, the owner of Triangulo Gato Café, is probably the one. After she graduated from college, her first job let her come into contact with coffee then she was deeply fall in love. For improving her skills, for two years she spent three hours every day in commute to work at Shenkeng and learn roasting skills.

She graduated from the Department of Applied Foreign Languages, and her family had high expectations for her. She once worked in the manufacturing industry to meet their expectations, but in the end, her passion for coffee let her decide to devote herself to her own interest. Joe, her coffee-loving sister, the brother-in-law who supported their dreams and a cat that has accompanied three of them from the beginning, together they opened this café, Triangulo Gato Café. 

Based on the knowledge and technology that she learned, Joe wanted the customers to have more than just the average drinks that the ordinary coffee shop offers. Joe imports washed and rum barrel fermented coffee beans from Colombia San Jose Estate. This kind of coffee beans can brew a cup of coffee with whisky aroma. Or she uses light roast to let coffee beans retain fruit flavor and sweetness, it is different from the deep bitterness of deep-roasted coffee beans.

Because Joe wants to develop special coffees, “butterfly ginger latte” is the special drink of the café. Joe use the butterfly ginger to make latte, you can taste the richness of the latte and the special fragrance from the butterfly ginger. In addition, the veggie burger is another popular meal. The burger is made fresh every day with limited quantity, if you want to taste it you probably have to pre-order. Using the vegetables grown by local farmers and homemade bread, this burger is not as greasy as regular burger, it is healthy and delicious at the same time.

Although the cafe imports green beans, all the coffee beans are self-roasted and self-selected and Joe roasts coffee beans every day. The process is completely open and transparent and the customers can also watch the whole process. Do you want to learn more about roasting coffee bean and coffee? Do you want to know the delicious mystery of specialty coffee? Come to Triangulo Gato Café and you will have a windfall.

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Address: No.374, Xinsheng Rd., East Dist., Chiayi City 600, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: (05)225-7905
Business hours: Tue. ~ Sun.: 10:00–19:00 Day off: Mon.
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