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R5 Bistro

Wanting to run a store that combines a restaurant, a café and an art gallery is the idea of CHUNG, HSIAO-TSE, the founder of R5 Bistro. He used to be a software engineer and always had a dream of opening his own store. After evaluation and consideration, he decided to quit his job and started his own restaurant, R5 Bistro, which will present his own dining aesthetics to every guest who came.

CHUNG, HSIAO-TSE who had working holiday experience during his school days once tasted a very pure American style burger that is without any unnecessary sauce and the meat is the hero of the dish. “It was simple but refreshing, and I was not moved by any similarly dish after returning to Taiwan,” he says with an unforgettable tone. And this made him make up his mind to run a new type of western-style restaurant.

CHUNG, HSIAO-TSE mentions proudly that all the meals in the restaurant use natural ingredients and without heavy seasoning like glutamate and chicken powder. This is not only healthy, but can also let the customers enjoy the purest food flavor. By using this way of cooking, he recreated the simplicity that he had tasted in the old days. “In addition, the drinks and desserts in the restaurant are also professional, like specialty coffee and homemade desserts,” adds CHUNG, HSIAO-TSE. Except for being very attentive to the quality of the western meals, he also wants to take good care of the quality of drinks and desserts. “I hope when people come here they will not only think that this is a restaurant but it is also a coffee shop and dessert shop." This is his ambition. He wants to pursue of the best in every details, and continues to learn from each other by exchanging views with fellow enthusiasts. All these can help him to accumulate experience and professionalism.

R5 Bistro is not only a restaurant, but also subverts people's imagination. Based on the concept of “the activation of the wall”, they hold regular exhibitions and let the small space full of literary and artistic atmosphere. This is also a platform to let art lovers communicate with each other. Do you like the dishes mode of authentic ingredients? Do you love specialty coffee? Do you love artistic and cultural activities? Why don’t you come to R5 Bistro to fulfill your needs all at once? 

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Address: No.205, Zhongxiao Rd., East Dist., Chiayi City 600, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: (05)277-0250
Business hours: Mon. ~ Fri.: 11:30–14:30/16:30–21:00 Sat., Sun.: 11:30–21:00
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