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Sakuraleaves Restaurant

Chueh who was born in Tainan met Yvonne the owner of Sakuraleaves Restaurant under a certain circumstance. Chueh quitted her job and became the shop manager of Sakuraleaves Restaurant which is on the quiet alley of Zhongshan Rd.

Even though Chueh’s past working experience has nothing to do with cooking, however, with the enthusiasm and interest in cooking and wanting to develop a new menu for the store, she embarked the journey of finding delicious ingredients everywhere with the idea of “using the local ingredients of Chiayi.” Looking for fresh and sweet oyster in Dongshi, searching for rich honey in traditional markets and tasting rich and mellow sesame oil in oil factory, all these hard works do not end when she came back to the store. What followed was she spent a great deal of time in studying recipe books, watching cooking programs to find any inspiration, and racking their brains to think about how to use these delicious ingredients to make innovative local dishes. During the long and difficult process of creating recipes, one by one, these unique dishes were born: Duck Quiche, Seafood Noodle with Oyster Sauce, Goat Milk Soup Curry, Purple Sweet Potato Panna Cotta and Red Beans Latte. Each dish is filled with the ingenuity of Chueh and her feelings for this place.

There is a cherry tree in the garden of the restaurant. It is that kind of breed that is not going to grow well in the flatland, but since the opening of the business it has stand guard at the restaurant's door for more than a year. The house of the restaurant is a family home that is older than 50 years. During the Japanese ruled period, Zhongshan Rd. of Chiayi City is where the Japanese and successful Taiwanese businessmen went. When you climb to the second floor of Sakuraleaves, you can see the entire floor was covered with tatami. The strong Japanese-style feeling extends to the Japanese-style paper curtain on the balcony and the weatherboard outside of the house. Everything and the cherry trees in the courtyard contrast each other and make the whole scenery a beautiful retro painting. Chueh, who who is passionate about the original flavor cuisine, and the kind and enthusiastic waiter Chu Chu will stay on this quiet alley and provide the sincerest food, with a cherry blossom-like attitude.

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Address: No.12, Ln. 366, Zhongshan Rd., West Dist., Chiayi City 600, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: (05)222-2350
Business hours: Mon. ~ Wed., Fri ~ Sun.: 11:00–21:00 Day off: Thu
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