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Huo Chiuan Tea Shop

In the atmosphere of long-drawn-out years, savor life gently.

The Taiwan cypress and the tea is blending together, dancing together in the living springs.

In recent years, the rise of Hinoki Village in Chiayi city has driven more tourists to experience the slow movement and leisurely pace of life in small cities. Huo Chiuan Tea Shop is on the entrance of Hinoki Village with a quiet lotus pond view. 

Huo Chiuan Tea Shop was set up by Prof. Fong of Department of Tea Culture and Business Management of Tatung Institute of Technology. It has been operating in Hinoki Village for more than three years, and hopes to provide a space for domestic and foreign tourists to sit down and enjoy the sweetness of Taiwan’s alpine tea, the beauty of Oriental tea and the promotion of tea culture. From 2014 to 2016, Huo Chiuan Tea Shop have successively received a lot of foreign guests. They made the thousands of years of tea history into many pots of warm tea, and let the guests feel the warm of the tea of the humanities.

When you step into Huo Chiuan Tea Shop, you can see all kinds of exquisite teapots and potteries locating gently and firmly in their respective positions, as if a gentleman secluded himself from the world does not stain any earthly dust. When your eyes see through the Taiwan cypress window lattice, the view of the elegant lotus pond condenses the anxious pace of time. This makes guests involuntarily to settle at the table by the window, and enjoy the alpine tea and the leisure time.

The refreshments of “Loving Tea Food Fashion” include homemade Love Rose Tart, Happiness Rainbow Pastry and Romantic Butterfly Pea Tea. The experience session of pounding tea in the store is similar to Hakka lei cha. You choose the tea you want and then use a wood stick to grind the tea leaves in a pottery mortar. During the process you can smell the aroma of the tea. Then you put the tea powder and some water into a teapot, and the homemade cold brew tea is done. Enjoy your tea with Happiness Rainbow Pastry, and the little tea art experience let you have a beautiful afternoon.     

In this era, cheap handmade drinks are easy to get, many people have gradually forgotten about the beauty of Taiwan tea. But there are still a lot of tea lovers in their own ways to guard Taiwan tea culture gently and determined. By the collaboration between industry and school, Huo Chiuan Tea Shop and Department of Tea Culture and Business Management of Tatung Institute of Technology work together and continue to promote the preciousness of Taiwanese tea.

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Address: No.4, Ln. 199, Gonghe Rd., East Dist., Chiayi City 600, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: (05)271-2159
Business hours: Mon. ~ Sun.: 10:00–18:00
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