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Dadala cafe & stationery

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25x40 Café

At that time, HUANG, I-CHEN was 25 years old and worked in Taipei and after she read “Café Triste”, the dream to open a café was born. After 15 years of working career, at the age of 40, she finally completed her dream at Zhongzheng Road of Chiayi City. That’s why the name of the café is 25x40.When you step into 25x40 Café, the old Taiwan cypress wood house is telling a story of 60 years. That’s why HUANG, I-CHEN rented this house when the first time she saw it, and spent three months to renovate the whole house. The high ceiling house without partitions is just like opening their arms to welcome any unintended visits by passersby. There are non-scheduled exhibitions holding in the café, and the products of cultural and creative Industry for sale. That’s because when I-CHEN studied in graduate school, they used to discuss the products of cultural and creative Industry and how these artists and craftsmen do not have the opportunities to show their works. Therefore, I-CHEN wants to provide a platform to let these works to shine. Except for selling real products, I-CHEN also plans various artistic and cultural activities on her own. She often invited national celebrities to the café to hold lectures, workshops, and concerts, and she hopes by holding these activities will improve and perk up the exchange of arts and literature in Chiayi City.In the past, this old Taiwan cypress wood house was connected with the next-door building, and the construction master said the Taiwan cypress wood was high-end timber from Alishan. It could not be denied that the house might have belonged to someone who had a certain power or economic status. As time went by, this house has already lost its fame and flourishing, and after I-CHEN rent the house, it has become the first open artistic and cultural space of Chiayi City. It sincerely invites art enthusiasts to share their beautiful dreams with each other.

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New in Ages

 “I am very interested in the preservation of historic sites and historical culture, and cultural appreciation.” CHANG, CHIA-HSIU, the CEO of New in Ages says. From the beginning she explained why she repaired a 70-year-old house and use the house to open a restaurant. “But we can't just keep the sense of history of the old house, we must also follow the pulse of the times and move on.” That’s why there is a “new” in the name of the restaurant. For managing the restaurant, CEO CHANG, CHIA-HSIU has her own ideas. She insists on using local ingredients on the menu and local characteristic as a theme for interior decoration of the restaurant. This does not only allow customers to eat healthy food but also appreciates the beauty of the landscape and humanities of Chiayi. For example, the ceilings of the first floor leading to second floor was painted by the artist LU, MING-SHIH. It is the starry night of Alishan, and you can see the entire Milky Way. And because the old name of “Minxiong” sounds like “hitting cat”, there are also many cat furnishings and ingenuity in the restaurant.  With her background in nursing, she makes the most of the two-story old house space. The first floor is used as restaurant, and the second floor does not only retain the original style of Japanese wood house, but also adds a lot of new installation arts and becomes a new social media check-in place. On the second floor, a space for "foot baths" has been specially planned. She hopes that the concept of foot care can be promoted much more in Taiwan.She does not only add many creative ideas to create and use the space, but also improve the menu of the restaurant. “Flower Cup - Take Away Meal” is improved after long time of research and development and focuses on low-carbon and environmentally-friendly. The cookie base is the shape of the flower and serve as a utensil to hold the meal, and the meal is made of the local ingredients with the classic flavor. When we praise her dedication for the implementation of environmental protection, CEO CHANG, CHIA-HSIU does not forget to mention the “Piggy Bravo Set Meal” with golden cheese lava is the most popular meal in the restaurant recently. Except for the sweet aftertaste from rice with lard, there are surprises for visual impact.   “Eat food in the season and use ingredients from the local” is the determination and conviction that CEO CHANG, CHIA-HSIU has always insisted on. Next time when you come here, let’s revisit the old time of the old house and experience the creativity of space creation!

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Toph Chevance the French artist is devoted to frequent cultural exchanges between Taiwan and France by exhibitions of paintings, campaigns of arts and creations, French cuisine and wine at Le Chat Noir.Address: No 518, Linshen E. Rd., Chiayi CityTEL: 05-277-5502, 0932125244



Over the past century, Luan-chi Wu the leader of the Lin Family in Wufeng and the Taiwan Provincial Capital construction project in association with thousands of wealthy merchants in Taiwan used to embody the clan’s name and wealth with the precious tiled decoration of the house.  This is why Taiwan used to own the tile culture rarely seen in the world.Despite the foregoing, the soaring price of land has made thousands of ancient tiled houses gone for good one by one during urbanization.  We the volunteers exclusive for ancient tiles comprised of the office workers not only have been committed to conservation of thousands of ancient tiles made a century ago with our savings and time in the past 20 years tacitly but also launched the repair center and set up the sound database on our motherland step by step to store the precious image footage documentation for our offspring.  In addition to conservation, we also supply the precious tiles without charging any additional expense to those in need for sustaining the repair task of the ancient houses in Taiwan.Open hours: 10:00-12:00 a.m., 02:00-05:00 p.m. on Wed. - Sun. only (closed on Mon. & Tue.)Cleaning fee: NT$50 the equivalent discount for consumptionOpen during Chinese New Year holidays (2/17-2/20)