TOP 10 Souvenirs

Travel in Chiayi


Carefully selected Green Tip Oolong that grows near 23.5 degree north latitude of Alishan. The tea is hand-plucked before and after Grain Rain with rich aroma and unique flavor. A cup of tea filled with the warmth of Chiayi.


They use the old hens which have been grown for 18 months in the chicken farms under Alishan mountain. They don’t add any water or Chinese herbal medicine during the process of making The Concentrated Chicken Essence. Only simpleness makes great quality.


Sfin-Muo Yokan are made by the traditional method which was adapted by日向屋 during the Japanese ruled period. The sweetness of Yokan is moderate and the surface of Yokan is crystal clear, showing the elegance and noble temperament. This represents nostalgia for Alishan.


The art of stone monkeys is a unique culture in Chiayi City. For welcoming the arrival of the Year of the Monkey, CUTE BOAZ combines the image of monkey and traditional snack to create the unique creative cuisine for Chiayi and make steamed stuffed bun and steamed bun more attractive.


Taiwanese golden kimchi ferments and ages in the healthiest and natural way and makes every bite filled with the most real feelings. These kimchi contains the blood and sweat of the planters, and let the customers get the satisfaction and gratification of the body and soul in their mouths.


Originated from the persist of Japanese-style Fired Cookies, they trace back to the tradition and absorb the classic flavor. They Innovatively develop the banknote fried cookie, and it is not only a gift with characteristics, but also a wonderful snack.