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Dings Tea
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8835 UpdatedDate:110-12-07

Dings Tea is a new tea brand sets up by the coming-home second-generation tea farmer CHUNG, MING-CHIH and his unique shepherd dog DingDing. Dings Tea is different from the usual tea store. Dings Tea is like a coffee shop, and they brew the tea for you after you order. They want the young customers to understand the unique of Taiwan tea, and no longer have a sense of distance for tea.  

After CHUNG, MING-CHIH went back home and began the tea farming, he was surprised to find that the number of young generation who consumed tea is incredible low. Because the young generation is used to the convenience and parity of handmade drinks, they have a sense of distance to Taiwan tea, they do not understand the culture and meaning of Taiwan tea and are afraid to walk into the tea store to find out. Therefore, how to give Taiwan tea and young people a chance to know each other has become the original intention of our establishment of Dings Tea. 

So Dings Tea created a new drinking tea pattern and they built a comfortable, pressure-free tea drinking space. The customers can choose a comfortable seat and order any tea on the menu. After the tea is brewed and serves up, they can taste the tea slowly with a couple of books from the bookshelf. If you want, you can even sit in front of the bar and talk to the owner. He will tell you about what he learned from harvesting tea and making tea, historical stories about tea, and this will let you have a newer or deeper understanding of tea. He thinks that as the people who are fortunate enough to grow up in Taiwan's famous tea production areas, running a tea store can help the young generation who are still unfamiliar with Taiwan tea to know tea in the first place and then gradually have a habit of drinking a cup of tea in life.

The winter is coming quietly, and Sweet Osmanthus Oolong Tea will make its warm debut. Why don’t you come inside and listen to the story of a cup of good Taiwan tea?

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