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The Modern Wooden Building Exhibition “Forests of Chiayi” Held by Chiayi Municipal Museum

The Modern Wooden Building Exhibition “Forests of Chiayi” Held by Chiayi Municipal Museum Displays the Sustainable Future of the City of Wood


August 23, 2021

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City has the highest density of wooden houses in Taiwan, and the trace of history can be spotted upon these old houses which have been under constant renovation. The “City of Wood” isn’t only a symbol of past memories but the initiation of sustainable development that connects with the modern life of the citizens. The “Forests of Chiayi: Modern Wooden Building Exhibition” is held Chiayi City Government to show the determination of making the city into a perfect green place for the residents and to demonstrate the view of a city built with wooden materials.

        The venue of the exhibition tells the story of Chiayi during the Japanese Rule being an essential base of logging. It was when plenty of wooden buildings were built up. Carbon in trees can be stored longer after turning into timber for wooden buildings. Naturally, Chiayi City is like a huge forest that stores carbon.

        As organism, timber is easily damaged without maintenance due to environmental factors. As a result, reinforced concrete (RC) has becoming the mainstream material for construction. A new possibility for the construction of wooden buildings has been discovered as techniques have been being improved. The exhibition also presents Chiayi Art Museum, which is the crucial example of the mix of the new and the old. The old RC structure supported by wooden materials makes the building more earthquake-resistant and more comfortable on the inside.

        The exhibition displays some modern wooden buildings in other countries. The tallest wooden building in Milwaukee, the US has 25 stories. The business building in Seattle with the structure of RC and timber mix is the first zero energy building. Japan has quite a few buildings with the structure of RC and timber mix as well. Despite the construction restrictions in Taiwan, the exhibition still demonstrates some fabulous ideas through the wooden models for visitors to enjoy.

        Cultural Affairs Bureau states that open hours of the museum will be adjusted depending on the pandemic situation aside from the closed days on Mondays. The number of visitors will be limited during the open hours. Visitors can make sign up online and check the open hours in advance. People will learn more about local wooden buildings through the exhibition and about the future of “Forests of Chiayi.”

Activity Information
  • Activity Date: 2021/08/24 (週二)00:00 ~ 2021/08/24 (週二)23:59
  • Ticket Information: Free
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