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Chiayi BRT Station and Surrounding Landmarks

Taiwan Railway Chiayi Station Rear Entrance: "Railway Artist Village"; it may also be accessed by the No. 8 City Tour Bus, which starts from Chiayi Railway Station and stops at the following destinations:
Pei Men Railroad Station of Mt. Ali, Cochin Pottery Building, Women's Cultural Landmark, Lord Land Nunnery from Mt. Chiu Hua, City Hall, BRT Wenhua Rd. Station, Jiayou Bicycle Trail, Chiayi Museum of Stone and Art, Shingjia Suspension Bridge, China Petroleum Office, BRT Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Station; All City Tour Buses start from Chiayi Railway Station.

Mitsukoshi-Far Eastern Station: Far Eastern Department Store, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store.
Wenhua Road Station: Night Market on Wen Hua Rd., Central Fountain, Chiayi Su-Chow-Lien Ancestral Temple.
Minjhu Car Park Station: Chiayi City God Temple.
Chiayi Park Station: Chiayi Park, The Historic Archives Building of Chiayi City, Sun-Shooting Tower, Botanical garden, Chiayi Baseball Field, Daya Road Business Circle, 228 Memorial Park